About Us

The story behind Sky-Scapes®

Repacorp, Inc., has one of the most complete offerings of products, services, and solutions in the label industry.  Needing a southwest distribution center, Repacorp, Inc. purchased Sierra Screen-printing in Phoenix, AZ. Along with southwest distribution for labels came the ability to silkscreen.

While sitting in a dental chair looking up at the boring white fluorescent lighting, our west coast art director came up with the idea for Sky-Scapes®Repacorp set up distributors, and the product quickly grew in popularity with many medical and wellness facilities.

Repacorp has expanded the Sky-Scapes® market as well as its Arizona Division manufacturing capabilities by purchasing large format digital presses.  Repacorp’s offerings include RFID labels and tags, custom and stock labels and tags, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, as well as Sky-Scapes® printed fluorescent light diffusers.

What Our Customers Say

At Repacorp, we hear many stories from customers about the physical and mental benefits of installing Sky-Scapes® fluorescent light diffusers. Schools, jails, hospitals, dentist offices, chiropractors and spas report more calm and cooperative clients after installing Sky-Scapes® diffusers. Medical research has found that patients are more cooperative and heal more quickly when exposed to outdoor lighting and calming nature scenes.

After installing Sky-Scapes® diffusers in a Junior High School in Texas, the teacher reported: 

“The panels help to diffuse the light of the fluorescent bulbs. When kids have to be indoors all day long, a large majority of them become more hyper and restless. The panels help to make the indoor environment seem more like the kids are out of doors, hence increasing productivity and calming the “savage beasts”. They even help me, because once I step into the building at 7:15 and don’t leave until 5:00 some days, I never see the sunshine. Even on dark winter days, or cloudy days, I feel like the sun is shining in my classroom. Also, certain students can read better in lower light environments, especially our special needs students that are increasingly mainstreamed into the regular education classrooms. I have noticed that all the teachers that have requested these panels are English teachers. Our subject matter involves a lot of seat work, either reading or writing, both of which require independent thinking. It is this acquisition of language that drives all other content classes.”

Joni, a dental assistant from Nebraska, fell in love with Sky-Scapes®:

“The first time I experienced the benefits of Sky-Scapes® diffusers was a few years ago when the panels were installed in our dental practice. As one of our patients was being seated in the chair, she looked up and said: “oh, cool!” She then closed her eyes, and I could immediately see that the patient was relaxed and at ease. We in the dental profession, as well as the medical profession, are very aware of patient comfort—that is our goal. But what amazed me, as I observed for a few more weeks, was the reaction of the Dentist. He was calmer; the patients were more cooperative and easy to work on, thus making the Doctor’s task easier. With the Doctor at ease, I noticed the staff was calmer also!”

Joni continues:

“I was married to a Dentist for 25 years, and we worked together. He is currently employed at a Dental University. When I became a Sky-Scapes® Distributor, I sent him a Sky-Scapes® panel to place in the University. He called me the next day to tell me that the Sky-Scapes® panel made him happy—giving him the feeling that it was a beautiful day! When he went outside to lunch, it was cloudy (as most winter days are in Nebraska) and his first thought was: “What the [heck] just happened?” That is why I love to sell these panels. I love to be able to bring a little happiness to a place of work!”