How to Install

How to Install Durastrong Fluorescent Light Diffusers

Sky-Scapes® decorative light diffusers measure 23 3/4” x 47 3/4” and are sized to drop into a standard 2’ x 4’ fluorescent light frame. Newer light fixtures may be a different size and our panel must be cut to fit into the light fixture. Cutting our Durastrong® plastic is easy! All you have to do is make a hefty score with a utility knife, then break the panel on your score. If you scored the panel enough, it will break. If you did not score it enough, it simply will not break.

Turn off the fluorescent light. Using a step ladder to reach the fluorescent light, pull tabs to unlock frame as if to change the bulbs.

The frame is hinged on one side. Gently lower frame, and remove from the ceiling.

If there are springs/clips holding diffuser in place remove them by gently by prying them out with a screwdriver.Note: Not all diffusers have spring clips
Using a screwdriver, remove the screw on one end of the frame to open the channel. There are many different types of frames. Some may have tabs that hold frames together; these tabs need to be bent back to remove diffuser. Slide existing diffuser out of frame.

Caution: the old diffuser might be very brittle or have sharp edges.

Measure old existing light diffuser and cut the new decorative light diffuser to fit your fluorescent light frame.
Tip: Use the old light diffuser as a template for cutting new decorative light diffuser. Place old diffuser on top of your new Durastrong® diffuser, adjusting for best crop of design. Trace around old diffuser onto the new decorative light panel for a cut/score line.
Remove the protective sheet from the back of the new decorative light diffuser. Always cut with the printed side up. The durable ink must be cut with the blade to avoid peeling.Durastrong® can be scored with a handheld cutting tool. Heavily score printed side of the panel several times.
Place the scored side up laying it flat on the table’s edge and snap the plastic down creating a clean finished edge. If you didn’t cut score deep enough, it simply will not break along score line; however, if your knife slips, it will break where your knife has cut. With image side out, facing toward the room, slide new decorative panel into the light frame.
Replace the end of the frame and replace the screws. Replace the springs. Attach the frame back onto the hinged side and swing into place and lock.

Turn on the fluorescent light.