Our Basement Lighting Project

Dave and his wife Tammy are movie fanatics. They designed and built their basement to be a cozy and exciting home theater. They had everything—Hollywood-themed decor, a new kitchenette, new carpet, overstuffed couches and chairs, and a big screen TV and gaming system. But the fluorescent lighting was just too harsh. It almost ruined the luster of having the trappings they loved. They wanted to be able to watch movies under the stars, but all they had was a tiny window near the basement ceiling. It ruined the experience of a home theater! Dave and Tammy didn’t know what to do.

But then a friend told them that when they were looking for beautiful, but easy ways to spruce up their own home, they stumbled upon Sky-Scapes® fluorescent light diffusers. They enjoyed their home more because they didn’t have to sit under the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting. Dave and Tammy had an idea, they found a night scene with bright stars, and replaced the fluorescent light diffusers above their couch in the basement. This changed the harsh fluorescent lighting into soft night lights, perfect for watching Hollywood stars…under the stars. And now they love their new, luxurious basement. It’s like their secret getaway at home!

The Science Behind It:
The Stars design is based on a photo taken by NASA and The European Space Agency, along with H. Richer of The University of British Columbia. The starry night will darken a room, creating a soft light to aid in relaxation. In the case of the Stars diffuser, the design transforms the harsh, fluorescent light into a “night light” of sorts. The effects created by this diffuser are perfect for home theaters, mattress showrooms, spas, hotel suites, bedrooms, or anywhere you find yourself looking up at harsh fluorescent lighting.

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basement lighting project