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Dental Office Lighting Success

Ray was nothing short of anxious. Ever since he was a little boy, he has always been afraid to go to the dentist—the drill, the needle, the anticipation of pain. What made it worse was knowing that if he opened his eyes even once, that he would be staring down the barrel of a fluorescent light, harsh enough to burn if he stared too hard. The very thought turned anxiety into fear and anger. It was too late to turn back, though. The dental assistant just called his name.

Now, Ray is a professional man. He works as a creative director and is responsible for finding creative solutions to everyday problems. He’s not afraid of much, except for the experience of going to the dentist. As he was escorted to the exam room, he wondered if there could ever be a way to remove the fluorescent light that caused so much glare. But wait! What if there was something that could change the harsh light into a calming scene? What if that fluorescent light diffuser had scenes of nature that would not only be a point of focus during anxious times but would help the patient relax? Many more people would keep their appointments, the doctors and staff would be less stressed, and patients might heal faster if this existed. Studies show that exposure to nature helps patients heal faster because they are distracted from the pain or other effects as their body works through procedures or the post-procedural process.

Ray later told his dentist’s office about Sky-Scapes® fluorescent light diffusers and how things could change all around for the better if they installed them in exam rooms. Now, not only are patients calmer during procedures, staff turnover is lower and the doctors themselves feel happier.

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