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Office Lighting – Anything But Ordinary

Mallory wanted to be a hero in her job. She kept looking for ways, but as an associate at a law firm, she was one of twenty trying to prove her worth. She just graduated from law school near the top of her class, but when she got into her field, no one cared about her past achievements. She knew there had to be something she could do.

It was winter in the Midwest, and when Mallory went into work, it was dark. When she went home, it was dark. The only light she saw all day was the relentless fluorescent lighting. Her co-workers were complaining about headaches, eye strain, and trouble concentrating. Unfortunately, she felt that way too. Mallory couldn’t help but think that if they had a little sunlight, maybe everyone would be more energetic. She knew she had to do something. She had a chance to make a difference—a chance to stand out. She heard of these light diffusers that could be installed in existing fluorescent lighting. They made an obvious difference in doctors’ offices and schools. Why not the office?

As nervous as she was, the next day, Mallory went to her boss and presented her idea to purchase Sky-Scapes® for the office. She suggested buying cloud designs to simulate natural light and a bright sunny day. Relaying all the benefits to her boss, she mentioned that morale would improve, the staff would be more awake and alert and that everyone would, in turn, be more productive, which would cut insurance and staffing costs. Her boss loved her idea and the diffusers were installed. Her co-workers were happier, more productive, and felt so much better. Not only that, but Mallory had the satisfaction of knowing she made a positive difference for her team.

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