Looking Up

Nervously, I walk into the procedure room. I am not being put under anesthesia—but I am still uneasy. I am seated in a motorized chair that is slowly tilted backward. Looking up, I notice above me isn’t a glaring fluorescent light, but beautiful pink flowering branches. I can almost smell the sweet whiffs of cherry blossoms as I gaze into the scene. Reminiscing of my spring trip to D.C., fun memories come back to me. I am no longer focused on the procedure—I am calm.

Popular with hospitals, doctors and dentists, these printed light panels direct attention away from worries and toward mood-setting scenes. Install towering tree fluorescent light covers in a medical message or chiropractic office; install juicy grapes overhead in a wine cellar or winery; add blossoms to soften a bath or spa. Kites and balloons, printed on fluorescent light covers, are inspirational in a children’s medical center, daycare, school, or any fun-loving, creative office or home.

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