kid-focused space

Kid’s spaces should inspire their creativity and appeal to their senses. Bright colors spark their imaginations, and different shapes feed their curiosity. In short, kid’s spaces is their first learning space; they learn a lot here, they imagine a lot, and experiment a lot. However, decorating kid-focused spaces shouldn’t take an arm and a leg.

Most people wrestle with the idea that kid-focused spaces might interfere with their interior décor. Rarely does this happen, because kids are highly receptive to colors, you can find colors that blend well with your interior décor but still appeal to your kids.

1. Distinct Activity Areas

Whether you are decorating your kid’s playroom or bedroom, ensure the space is fun to look at while also serving its purpose. Since kids are known to be hyperactive, having distinct activity areas provides the kids with all the fun they need. When the room is set correctly, kids can easily jump from one activity to another without tripping on toys or creating a huge mess.

When it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, you need to remember that underneath aesthetics, kid-focused spaces also have to be functional. You can use décor to subtly suggest ways for your young ones how to spend their time. The room should not only hold the attention of the kids but also make the room seem neatly arranged even when they have their toys out.

With a few different play activities within the room, you can be assured that your kids will not get bored fast. Playrooms and bedrooms are incredibly fun projects that give you the freedom to cater to your kids taste in a way that can be appreciated by the whole family.

When creating different activity areas, ensure you place everything within arms reach so that the kids have an easy time accessing the items they need for various activities. Consider having a reading nook, a TV with a media center as well as a table for art and craft for the bedroom. In case you are working on a playroom, you have the advantage of more floor space. Since it is a kid-focused space, consider asking your kids what they’d like to have included.

2. Plenty of Storage

One universal truth is that kids come with lots of stuff. Since decoration involves making their room appear put together, plenty of storage comes in handy. Having color-coded storage is an excellent hack as it helps older kids help you keep the room tidy. The whole idea is to keep toys out of the way while making them look like they are part of the décor.

You need to consider what type of storage will work based on the space available as well as the types of toys you are tucking away. For instance, if your kid is an avid reader, you should allocate plenty of shelf space for all the books. You can also use cubbies to hold stuffed animals. When you are purchasing storage elements, ensure you go for the kind that has the potential to serve multiple functions.

An important thing to note is that storage units need to be kept as neutral colored as possible so that they easily blend in with whatever room you place them in. This also ensures that the units grow with your kids so that you save money on purchasing new storage units.

3. Add Color with Accessories

Since no kid-focused room should be bland, adding color is an important part of the decoration process. With neutral colored storage units, you’ll have an easy time brightening up the room without struggling to match colors. Consider using accessories that can be swapped fairly easily so that you can change it up when your kid’s taste changes. Children are fast growing and the things they like change as they grow.

Mixing and matching different colors and patterns can be done with textiles, throw pillows, rugs, as well as, blankies. Larger items you can use for the same include wall art, removable wall stickers, and floor cushions.

4. Brightening Up the Wall

Once you are done with organizing and decorating floor space, don’t forget to glam up the wall. You can easily set a playroom or kid’s bedroom apart from the rest of the house with creative wall art. Kid-focused spaces are expected to be a bit more fun and carefree and what better way to achieve this than to brighten up the wall.

As you get creative with your design, remember that the walls should be the focal point of the theme you have in mind. Since the wall is the first thing anyone notices when they come into a room, it should reflect the theme of the entire space. Consider beginning with a base layer of neutral paint them get creative from there.

Consider going with wall decals so they not only add visual interest, but they give you an easy time swapping them because they are held onto the wall without an adhesive. This also ensures that you maintain the integrity of the wall when re-decorating a room when the kids’ taste changes. Aside from decals, you can also use wallpaper or paint a mural on the wall. The aim of this whole process should be to brighten up the room.

5. Vibrant Furniture and Bedding

For kids’ bedrooms, headboards come in hand as they serve decorative purposes. Consider investing in aesthetic headboards and bed frames. The beds can also come with drawers that act as extra storage space. For a touch of color, go for bedding with your kid’s favorite action figures or cartoon characters printed on them. With furniture, you need to consider the number of people who’re sleeping in the room and their comfort. You can go for bunk beds to maximize floor space.

6. Use Colored LED Lights

The worst you can do to kid-focused space is light it with fluorescent bulb! Fluorescent bulbs are depressing, bland, and strains the eye. Use colorful LED lighting create warmth and eye-friendly glare. Ensure the desk lamps they use for reading does not strain their eyes, but spark their creativity. Also, you can use different colors to arouse various moods depending on the activity of the kids. For instance, while studying the table lap should be a cool white color to illuminate the studying space, but while playing video games, they can switch to a different color of lighting to reduce the brightness in the room. Lighting is an essential decor tool for kid-focused spaces. If you would like to know more about using lighting in your decor for kid-focused spaces, contact Sky-Scapes. They’ll help you all the way.